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Digital Catalogs

Multimedia > CD/DVD Development

New Wave Industries is also a leader in promotional software development, especially promotional CD and DVD production. From creating a flash presentation, to duplicating the discs, to designing a logo for the disc, we handle all ends of the job.

Through the combination of a variety of multimedia technology, promotional CDs bring your products and services to life on a computer screen. Offering customers Internet activity, interactive databases, interactive brochures, product catalogs, and more. Promotional CDs ensure a lasting impression.

Create a digital catalog, burn it to a disk and send them out to your customers!

Let us combine our digital video and DVD technologies knowledge and work with you to build an interactive video presentation that will put you right onto your customers' computer and television screens. Whether you have a corporate video or live footage, we can take that and incorporate our design and development expertise and make a high impact product that will capture any viewer.