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Digital Catalogs

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Digital Catalogs, one of New Wave Industries’ most innovative services, makes categorizing and displaying PDF catalogs and brochures extremely easy and fun to use.

New Wave Industries offers digital catalog development services.  We create interactive publications that can be used for catalogs, magazines, brochures, manuals, sales presentations, menus, or any other PDF files.


Click here to view an example of how we converted a traditional paper catalog into an interactive digital catalog.

Save money on Print and Shipping costs!  Put your catalog on the web!

You can:
  • Convert your paper catalogs to digital form for online use
  • Upload it to your website
  • Create a CD to distribute your catalog
  • Link directly to your website or ecommerce store
  • Include video feeds or animated flash content to each page
  • Get daily statistics of viewers

Easy to Use:

  • 3D page flipping with your mouse
  • Use the navigation bar to browse the catalog
  • Zoom in on a page
  • Click an item for more details
  • Search by keyword
  • Browse by index
  • Print individual pages


How can I create a digital catalog for my company?

Option 1:  
Send us your entire catalog in PDF form
Option 2:   Send us images in .jpeg format and text content and we can custom create one for you.